Izetta anime apperance
From the anime.
Kanji イゼッタ
Alias The Last Witch
Personal Info
Status Active
Age 15
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Family Unnamed Grandmother
Professional Status
Affiliation Principality of Eylstadt
Occupation Witch
Anime Beginning of the War
Voice Actors
Japanese Himika Akaneya
English Skyler McIntosh

  Izetta (イゼッタ?) is the titular character and main protagonist of the Shūmatsu no Izetta anime series.


Izetta visual

Izetta's appearance

Izetta is a young girl with fair skin, red eyes and red hair. When she isn't on the battlefield. She wears a red, gray and yellow short dress. On her left leg, she has a gray sock and a pair of sandals. While on the battlefield, a white short dress similar to the one that she wears often.




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