The Germanian Empire is the major antagonist power on the series, based in both the WW2 Nazi Germany and the WW1 German Empire. In 1939, after a non-agression pact with the Volga Federation, Germania launched a land invasion over Livonia, starting the Second World War as Thermidor and Britannia declared war in Germania. The following year, Germania invaded Thermidor itself with blitzkrieg tactics, using in a more intelligent way their airforce and armored units. After encircling the Thermidor armies, they were completely destroyed and Thermidor was therefore occupied. The same year, Germania launched an invasion on Eylstadt in order to create a corridor between Germania and their main ally Romulus.

After the use of witches by both Eylstadt and Germania, in an inconclusive battle over Thermidor's capital in which both witches were killed, Germania was invaded as the Volga Federation revoked their non-agression pact with Germania and launched a full scale offensive, while Britannia and Atlanta landed forces in northern Thermidor. Facing a war on two fronts, the Germanian Empire was forced to surrender.