Finé anime apperance
From the anime.
Kanji フィーネ
Personal Info
Status Active
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Family Rudolf (father)
Professional Status
Affiliation Principality of Eylstadt
Occupation Archduchess
Anime Beginning of the War
Voice Actors
Japanese Saori Haya
English Mallorie Rodak

  Finé (フィーネ?) or known as Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt (オルトフィーネフリーレリカ・フォン・エイルシュタット?) is the co-protagonist of the Shūmatsu no Izetta anime series and the crown Princess of Eylstadt and only heir to the throne. Tomboyish, kind, and strong-willed, she is most beloved by her people and is forced to take command of her country's defense when her father dies from illness shortly after the beginning of the Germanian invasion of Elystadt.


Fine visual

Finé's appearance




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