The Renault FT-17 was a French light tank designed in 1916 by Louis Renault. The Renault was the first tank to have it armament located in a 360 degree rotating turret. The FT-17 was in wide use with the French Army and American Expeditionary Force during the later stages of the the First World War. After the end of the First World War, the FT-17 was exported to many nations around the world and became the design base for future generations of tanks. It saw combat in several conflicts such as the Russian Civil War, Polish-Soviet War, and the Spanish Civil War.

Renault ft 17 by ogurki-d48t7zn

A Renault FT-17.

The FT-17 went on to see combat during the Second World War, it was in use by Poland, France, and Finland. By this time however it was considered obsolete compared to modern tanks of the time. After the fall of France the Wehrmacht used captured FT-17 for airfield defense and occupation duties.The Vichy government used the Renault against the Allies during Operation Torch but they could not compete against the M4 Sherman, M3 Stuart and other allied tanks.

In The Anime

The Renault FT-17 is in use with the Eylstadt Army and presumably the Thermidorian Army as well. It saw combat in Coenenberg fighting against Germanian Panzer MK III's and Panzer MK IV's. It was hopelessly outclassed by the Germanian tanks and wiped out.


Diagram of the FT-17.