The Secret of the Witch (Majo no Himitsu 魔女の秘密 (Das Geheimnis der Hexe)?) is the 4th episode of Shūmatsu no Izetta anime series.


Finé goes to Elystadt's capital, Landsbruck, to mourn the death of her father. Meanwhile, the general in charge of the Germanian forces at Coenenberg reports to the Germanian Emperor, Otto, about their defeat at the hands of Izetta. Otto, amused by the news, notes that many of the Empire's plans will have to be reconsidered. In the morning Izetta awakes in the Archduke's castle and given a bath, under the care of maid Lotte and Finé’s sceptical bodyguard Lady Bianca. Finé calls Izetta before her cabinet to explain why she cannot use magic at any time. Izetta reveals that a witch's power is drawn from ley lines beneath the earth, not in places such as Landsbruck with few or no ley lines. The cabinet decide to keep this secret confidential, telling only reporter Elvira Friedman who is hired to publicly promote Izetta as the legendary Elystadt White Witch during Finé's upcoming coronation. Izetta recalls her grandmother telling her that a secret of the witches lies under a nearby abandoned castle. Bianca takes Izetta to investigate, managing to find a ley line map in a hidden room. During their return, Izetta explains to Bianca how Finé saved her from superstitious villagers and they agree to become comrades. On the day of the coronation, Izetta encourages Finé to work towards bringing peace to not only Elystadt, but the entire world. 


Characters In Order of Appearance


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