The Sword in the Heavens (駆ける剣 (Das Schwert des Himmels))?) is the 3rd episode of Shūmatsu no Izetta anime series.


On the front lines of Coenenberg, the Elystadtian army, including a young soldier named Jonas, struggle against the oncoming Germanian forces as they attack with bomber planes and a platoon of tanks. The other soldiers at the castle attempt to join the fight but Finé, learning that the Coenenberg army are putting their lives on the line simply to buy time, stops them, not wanting them to rush to their deaths. Just as another group of Germanian bomber planes prepares for an attack, Izetta arrives on the scene, using her magic on lances and swords in order to stop the enemy planes and tanks. Seeing Izetta's determination to protect her country, Finé encourages the other soldiers in Coenenberg to support her, leading them to be victorious against the Germanian forces. The Elystadtian army celebrate the return of the white witch and sings a rounding rendition of their national anthem. Later Finé's father, the archduke, whom is bedridden, is informed about Finé's safety and Izetta's deeds just before he passes away. 


Characters In Order of Appearance