Beginning of the War (Tatakai no Hajimari たたかいのはじまり。?, (Der Anfang der Schlacht) is the 1st episode of Shūmatsu no Izetta anime series.


In the neutral country of Westernia during a time of war, Lady Finé, the princess of the small country of Eylstadt, is being pursued by Germanian soldiers on a train. While hiding in one of the train cars, Finé finds a mysterious capsule that catches her interest. She opens a few of the locks before her escorts are forced to jump from the train, facing the river. Finé meets up with a Britannian lord in an opera house to try and gain his country's support. Unfortunately, she receives news that Germanian forces have already begun invading Eylstadt. Germanian commandos burst into their room and arrest Fine. While Finé is taken to the capital on a plane, the capsule she partially opened earlier suddenly causes the plane to become unstable. Finé is successful in disarming one of her captors, but she is shot in the process. Despite her situation, she refuses to surrender. Before the Germanians can restrain her, a witch named Izetta, who Finé remembers from her childhood, emerges from the capsule and destroys the plane upon seeing Finé injured. As Finé falls to the ground, Izetta manipulates a gun and uses it as a broomstick and rescues the princess. Afterwards, the two begin flying away to safety.


Characters In Order of Appearance